• Pastor
    Of the five tracks, this is the one that requires a definite call from God to serve as an equipping leader. Students will receive practical pastoral skills training from experienced pioneer pastors. Read more
  • Worship Team
    Worship Team
    Planting a new church is taking ground from the enemy and is thus a battle. Because the battle is the Lord's, worship lead the people of God into their Promised Land and... Read more
  • Youth and Children
    Youth and Children
    Strong families are the pillars of a growing church. Youth and Children's ministry strengthens families and disciples the next generation to be witnesses for Christ. Read more
  • Media
    With the explosion of electronic communication and multi-media in our age, this track has become an essential part effectively communicating the Gospel to the world. Read more
  • Helps
    Any experienced church planter knows how essential this track is to the success of a church plant. God appoints people in the church with a heart to serve wherever needed, and... Read more

Church Planting University

Church - because we believe the local church is the instrument to advance the Kingdom of God on earth by transforming lives, communities and cities through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Planting - because we believe the best means of growth is multi-generational multiplication; planting new churches which will birth new churches. Also, that church planting provides the opportunity for fresh approaches and new wineskins for coming generations of church leaders.

University - because we believe the church planting process can be accelerated by not only preparing a preacher, but also leaders of other vital elements of a local church. Through CPU, anyone in the Body of Christ can become a trained member of a church planting team.

Church Planting University: Advancing the Kingdom through training God's people to team-plant healthy churches.

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